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Lyrical Assault Battle Rules
Rules from: 13th February 2014 to 3rd February 2016

These rules take effect from the date stated above. The previous rules from 26th November 2013 can be found here.

Note To Battlers

In the interest of fair play, though you are not yet required to, you are encouraged to vote on any battle that allows you to. This will in-turn encourage other members to vote on your battles. Members may stop voting on your battles if they see you are failing to participate in the community.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in your access to the battlefields being removed. Further infractions will result in your suspension from the site as a whole.

Voting in Battles

If you are going to vote in a battle you have to read these rules, as well as the rules in the battle.

You have to comply with the rules - e.g. if your in the same crew as one of the battlers and the "no crew votes" is turned on, you can not vote.

You will have to explain your vote, if you don't explain your vote properly your vote will be disallowed by a Moderator.

any votes that are based on anger against one of the battles will be disallowed automatically and will be spotted by a Moderator. This is known as "hate votes"

You are not required to vote in any specific style (e.g. categories), all we ask is that your vote is honest, fair and has a brief explanation as to why you chose that verse. You are allowed to add any other formats to your vote for example categories, quotes from the verses that you liked or disliked, but you however are not required to.

Number of Battles

Battlers are allowed a maximum of 4 active battles at any one time. Any extra battles will be locked until your limit has been reduced to a sufficient level. Continuation to exceed your battle limit will result in suspension.

Setting up a Battle

Rules must be decided in the call out thread and once agreed upon a thread for the battle should be created in the Battle Ground forum.

The title of the battle thread must be in the format of "[Battle-Type] Username-A vs Username-B". The battle types allowed are "Text" and "Audio". E.g. "[Text] XMan vs YDogg".

The rules of the battle must be clearly displayed in the first post of the battle thread. Any rules missing from the first post of the thread will fall back to House Rules (see below).

Default / House Rules

The House Rules are the default rules used in battles, for example if they are missing from the battle or unclear.

  • Deadline is 2 Weeks from creation of thread.
  • Standard timezone is GMT/London
  • 1 Round
  • First to 5 votes or 3-0 KO
  • Check in's are not required
  • Crew votes are disallowed
  • Flipping/Feeding is allowed
  • Off-site Personals are not allowed


By default you are not allowed to use any off-site personals against your opponent. Off-site personals will be defined as anything found outside of the domain or relating to your opponents real life, including but is not limited to real names, addresses, phone numbers or photographs.

Personal information relating to your opponents real life can only be used if they have mentioned it them selves on Lyrical Assault. Photographs of your opponent can only be used if your opponent shared it them selves on Lyrical Assault.

You can only use personals found on the domain. This does not include any thing found on Facebook, Twitter or any other website linked to from Lyrical Assault.

Use of off-site personals will result in a disqualification, and depending on the severity of the offence, may also result in account suspension.

Off-site personals can only be used if "No Holds Barred" is specifically mentioned in the site rules

No Holds Barred

For "No Holds Barred" to be allowed it must be specifically and clearly stated in the first post rules of a battle.

Any personal will be allowed against your opponent, whether found on Lyrical Assault or not. Anything listed under Fixed Rules below will still be valid.

No Holds Barred will allow flipping/feeding to be used and will also allow crew votes to be accepted.

Fixed Rules

These fixed rules cannot change and if stated in the battles rules will be ignored. The Fixed Rules are as follows:

  • A Battles deadline can be a minimum of 48 hours and a up to a maximum of 4 weeks from the creation of the battle thread.
  • To avoid confusion over the 'Bars to Lines' conversion, a standard of "1 Bar = 2 Lines" will be used.
  • Battles must have a minimum of 4 lines but can have an unlimited number of lines.
  • Pink Slip (loser leaves the site) battles will not be enforced by the site or moderators.
  • Biting, recycling or ghost-writing a verse is not allowed in battles.
  • Dick-riding or Hate votes are not allowed and will be disallowed.
  • Swaying votes in or out of the battle is not allowed and will be deleted.

No Shows

Lyrical Assault does not believe in "no show wins" and as such we do not award wins to battlers who’s opponent do not show.

If a battler fails to post their verse in the battle thread within allotted time then battle will be moved to 'No Mans Land'. Starting from the time of it being moved the no-shower will have an extension 50% of the battles time limit to post there verse. The extension will be a maximum of 1 week and minimum of 24 hours.

If the battler fails to post during their No Mans Land extension, then they will receive a DQ point on their battle record and the battle permanently locked.

If neither of the battlers have posted a verse in the battle within the allotted time, then no extension will be given and the battle will simply be deleted and nobody will gain a DQ point

If your opponent no-shows, you are allowed to reuse all or part of your verse again.

Moderating Battles / Complaints

Only the sites moderators have the power to moderate a battle. Unless all battlers are in agreement they cannot make decisions on the battle, such as disallowing votes or changing the rules of the battle.

If you have a complaint regarding a battle such as with a verse or vote it should be reported to a moderator via the 'Report Post' button or the 'Suggestions, Comments & Problems' forum. Complaints should not be posted in the battle thread its self.

Upping Battles

It is encouraged that members vote on battles instead of upping their own. However, battles are only allowed to be 'upped' 24 hours after the last post and cannot be done twice in a row. Incorrect ups will be deleted, continuation will result in the offending battle being locked.

Anything that is not a vote or a verse will be considered as an 'up'.

Biting / Disqualification

Lyrical Assault does not believe in "DQ wins". If you or your opponent is disqualified the battle will be closed and moved to "Disqualification Archive" and the offender given a DQ point.

If the battle has already been closed and it is confirmed your opponent should of been disqualified in the battle which resulted in them winning, you will be given the opportunity to have the loss removed from your battle score.

If someone has been confirmed as a biter/cheater and you battled them in the past, your battle with them will not automatically be disqualified it must be proven they bit/cheated in your battle to be given the chance to have the loss removed.

Contacting Members for votes

You are not allowed to ask other members to vote in your battle, this will be considered as vote swaying. If you are found to have solicited votes then you may have the vote disallowed.

Please report any 'PM Vote Requests' to a member of staff.

Finished Battles

When your battle has finished and there is a clear winner, the battle will be closed and moved to the relevant battle archive by a moderator and your battle score will be updated.

You should not 'up' your battle to be closed or pester the moderators, they will get to it as soon as they can.

Moderators Decision Is Final

The moderators decision in your battle is final. You cannot argue with them over who is right or wrong.

If you feel you have been mistreated by a moderator then you should contact either a Senior Moderator or the Site Owner who will look into it.