XFade: Phoenix

About XFade: Phoenix
Members: 13, Combined Text Battles: 141-169-7, Average Text Record: 11-13-1
XFade: Phoenix

XFade was originally conceived during LA's transitional period from MSN-group to it's current forum and eventually launched on 2 November 2003. Founding members were Señor Perfecto and PorteX, spearheaded by Apollo, the God of Poetry and Music.

XFade II officially merged with Venomous on 2 June 2008. That Didnt Work Out...

So Amongst Consultation With Apollo a New Leader Emerged

New Tactic, New Leader... 3 January 2010, Start of The New Decade, Start of a New X!

Cee-Jay Outlaw Takes the Frontman

On the 16th July 2014, displeased with the state it has fallen into and the damage the Mutiny caused, Apollo seizes control of XFade, the crew he spearheaded from the dawn of Lyrical Assault's time, with the aim of returning it to the principles it was founded on. To indiscriminately help the members of Lyrical Assault, new and old a like, elevate and improve their skills.
A new chapter in XFades history begins... The Phoenix rises....

A Word From The XFaders:


"Back in Business, Ready to FUCK SHIT UP!"

Señor Perfecto:

"¿Where the fuck's Apollo...?"