Open Mic: Michael Myers: Extreme Horrorcore Topical

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    Posted: 24 March 2018 at 5:49am
Hi my name is Michael Myers
Call...and watch me Spark the Fires
Sick and tired of these Average Writers
I head to the basement get the Hatchet and Wires
To Strangle Insiders and drink their blood like it's that Apple Cider
Splatter ya balls and have it Hacked with the Pliers
Bash your Cranium with a Scepter of Titanium
To view your internals like the Center of a Stadium
Am also tempted by Demonic Spirits
That enter my mind and Convert into Lyrics
Communicate with Ghost of Mommy
Due to the Force that is Godly
Broad and Am Brolly cracking the Bones in you Body
Have you Broken Badly and leave your Corpse in the Lobby
Walk away... like its just Another Day
Leave your pet dead where ya Brother Lay
Before you enter the Layer better Stop and Pray
That you haven't been...Stalked like Prey
By the Monster in Darkness Slaughtering Heartless
Tear Hands and Rip Legs
Blood smear in glands when A Slit Necks
Keeping an Eye on All
Take a deep breaths when a Rival Fall
There is no escape in the Ring a twisted Dark Scout
Swiping a blade causing everything inside your ribs Fall Out
Walk in and out of the Hellish Abyss
The Rebel Adrift with a Devilish Hiss
Thinking Pure death... what kinda Level is This?
Trynna block the Urge that Steady Persist
Slashing your Neck and then am Cashing a Check
Tranced in the Set Leave you Dismantled in Wreck
With a jagged knife Jammed in the Chest
You can tell that Am Damned like the Rest
Feasting on human Parts in the Nest
Abe Making a call... to Jason and Hannibal
That be the Eating hearts with the Rage of a Cannibal
The Beast Is Coming, The sickest Apocalypse Forming
Catastrophic N Storming Monsterously Plundering
Demons empowering Chakras when Remorsefully Bludgeoning
Meditating in silent living Under a Dungeon
Assassinate a defiant have him Cut like a Surgeon
Abomination unravel and now Walking the Earth
Leave a pagan trampled and Mangled in Dirt
Smashing your dome and Popping ya Nerve
Then Dragging A carcass to have it Stashed in a Curve
The Masochist is here to Slash your Wrist
With the sharpest of knife held in a Giant Fist
A Monster Walking and Suddenly Gashing
Cursed by a Spell he is Immortal as Well
Tie you with chains in the Circle of Hell
Then Haul you around till you Purple and Swell
Throw you in the creek till you Bloated O Well
Am Cracking your Spine just for Crossing the Line
Stitch your lips with a Roll of Wire
Have it stripped to Bits and then Toss you Fire
in this gloomy cove you can Call me the Sire
The Savage Phantom that is Alive in your Dreams
Ravage your Sanctum while you Dieing and Scream
I Keep Hacking the Scene Behind Am Unseen
Young and Timid with no Love for the Wicked
Now it is Scripted from the ground A be Lifted
Levitating at night so you Know A be Gifted
From your dimension Paranormally Shifted
I leave the yard and Walk the Streets
Wondering if Hades got Mia Treats
Patrol like the Coolest of Ace
Where you don't belong so be Prosecuted with Grace
What will you claim when A Grew on the Place
Keep parading the ground and All turn You in a Case
Am the final judge that leaves you Executed on Base
That's riddled with rodents and Polluted with Plagues
Disappeared from the Archives, Eliminate All Types
Bash While you struggle to see with Slash Eyes
Nail your dead body to a wall with Sharp Knives
Am here to Shock Lives After giving a Large Slice
Subtly I Crouch Oddly with a Hunch
To assassinate a couple just for Fucking in the Couch
Remove your heart and save it... Possibly for Lunch
Can have your jaw cracked Horribly with a Punch
Ominous Molded without Sorrow on a path that is Shrouded and Narrow
The Multitude in Shallow trynna cease get my Fortune Tomorrow
Tryna commendere the ship like a Hopeless Sparrow
But A Stomp in your face in like Shiva and Holding like Motaro
Leave you and your Friends that Wallow Burning in a Camaro
Schooled by Will I need a Bully to Kill
Push a spiked dagger Through his Grill
Then the professy will be Truly Fulfill
Faith is Unlook they Entombing me Still
So Come take a look at the Tomb where I Chill
Mad and Rabid, Attacking, Hacking Rapid
Shuv a blade in your throat as you Gargling Acid
On this day... you will be Meetin your Fears
Am the one who will be... Eating your Ears
Rip your Skin with the Sheers laugh as your Dick Tears
Watch the mask the Grin it is Clear
Body goes numb and cold when the Kill is Near
Untouchable Am Sealed in a Sphere
Born to Trend am the Coldest of Friend
The one that will be Recording your End
Don't Come to Pretend in the place where A Curse was Planted
Now Am the ghost who remains in this abandoned Abode that is Haunted
Between dimensions and different plains is where the Soul is Stranted
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