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    Posted: 21 April 2017 at 11:15am
blocking synapses by the Darkest of mages //
Than ma face face's were my holy Mosie lays in

After the slaughter I pray Favours ask allah for no breaks more pencils and more pappers
, Bluffing harder than a poker faced Asian no hair on his facial no FINGER prints or hints array no.emotions displayed like this MF got a face lift

No sense of sensation make.your next move the best move shit gone look AMAZING i smirk like a boss with a Walt's im controlling the stadium so this is what it feels like get FAMOUSE but I'm cool as a cup of cube's and as chill as a Cuban drunk Off booze calm as breeze over windy acres n I stay LIT , TILT my head and leave this bitch with none other than the ones I came WITH repeat precise words in a specific rotation , I am the COG . You are not

...Than I blast off ina arbian camel PIG DOG Caucasian slaveSHIP guess what i named How haraam What is made with ? made with the pain that my people.were placed in

Now I'm Peeping OUT whats IN outer space men

Contact awaits us , MAGNETIC VIBRATIONS behind WAVE LENGTHS...

dark side ov tha MOON , and Contact With aliens with alias names, scopin these landscapes

Flying saucer GET ABDUCTED

Get ur ass abducted by the way that's legal E.T rape E.T gangs westside of the fucking universe maaan E.T changed but from their display we all just a bunch of apes yes for sure MAKE NO MISTAKE
we do the same so we ain't in no position too complain

but what soothes-tha-Ear
truth to-hear

Nothing is spookier to humans than that of which remains blank//

i just Gump that one day i escape this Forrest //

my fate would just promise a date
with a goddess who's bathing in bathen apes&olives as an atheist watches while i lock arms around her bODY like a human coffin ,BUT, the problem is ALL these problems

Your fiction money couldn't fix it my currency is currently dePICTED//

raw and triggered a mom at her sons prom taking pictures
While he just fidgets right before they snap his image
I taste funny too you , ma DNA components clusters ur tummy to spew I was brewed different //

These scriptures are arsenic in due time the these rhymes will get sicker like casket wine vintage , real bizarre your skin will swole.ur hair will fail.and skin thicker all turn your "wanted beef ass" to a veg-ti-ble

This a waste potential like top notch scotch liquor without the ROCKS given to a non-alcoholic drinker , a pinch frog venom would end him quicker keep.kicking till you kick some MAN in'EM,
I'd practically be helping that nigga

Minajatwa with death and her sister //
I'm a penny curling up 2 the wall 'N' cellings

I can give you a metePHOR /
I'ma troubled Immagrant looking for–A Petty SCORE//
A hefty LOAD//
THEY begged for DEATH 2 THEM pain was forIGNE//

they Wept they face was blue red and Orange and Seemed he had enough but routines are OF the norm//
My LAB consistent OF
Basically anything I can fucking get my hands ON guccie belts Loui luggage shades A'DORE //
A whipe ,whiped cream and a rotating door just incase I get invaded by a group of hordes and please don't ask me what the whip cream is FOR

Incase you reading this n feel sume type away I just Wana say I been THEIR beFORE (I really have))//
Science to invade in a textual FORUM'S//

It's that these lushes bars were set in STONE

but i came back too Mold the paraGON/

And Incase your gonna say fuck off and go to hell I just Wana let you know iv'been there before /

Lived in The hellywood hills on level 3 and fell a floor //

But after 21 hours of excruciating pain we thank the LORD Heyzim finally Made to the hell Haven an knocked on satans door the bitch was scared shitting balls of flames in his Calvin drowers

to be honest that got me kinda hword(hard) , my dick was stiff as wood my D was bord,

trust me I'll tell u what me and Satan did but first let me explain this part , update your arse on what happened in hellywood bullavard

it HAS-BEEN 200years ,i died 566 times and everytime they renew my corpse ,
That's how Long I served on hells scorching surface floor ,
You already know who's here with me don't even have to.mention more , I just hope this letter reach's you before I'm dinner or....

SO YES YES sinners criminals gold digging whores , CANT forget about the asshole demons implementing force
they are the corrupted cops who govern Earth's corrupted most// think of them just like L.A.P.D but with a sense for jokes

Even though

I dispise those fucking demons "Jake" and "Steven" ESPECIALLY that bitch "Nichole" !!! They they so fucking tough cause they chase are naked ass's around.the courts with their claws and torch picks fight I'd still his.pile.n see how the feel getting Poked with 3 meter Forks !!


I was left
lost for 56months yes time took its course, but the sad thing about is their was no magazine's​ which contained sexual entertainment of sorts why's all a lied
I Haven't even seen a Brazzers Video store!!

I was losing Oxygen I died like at least ten times due lack.of oxygen support -.-

For every minute i spent thinking about anal and throats bondage and lesbos It felt as if my ligaments torn ,

now i Know how an Indian must feel on hotspot with no limits or Tolls

But anyway lemmi get back to what happened when I met Satan I did not exactly soul ///

We suddenly Started tripping okayi don't KNOW but I guess we kissing and the silly thing is— that the devil was shape shifting into varied forms as we was getting jiggy, but what he choose was this metephor , A nice ASS nice FACE nice CALF'S nice WAISTE was a form I was familiar twords female human HOLES all on my fucking.nose //
She slipped between my legs sat on ma lap I cores'd her more//

Sadly now all I do is type on bow sweet memo–reez
That's that way //
A wordsmith with my alphabets and fucking letters like A oral STORM , a horror BORN , laced in fetus blood a phoNIX OF my OWN—LACK Miss-informed ,Brain and spine discongyned //
MY sword has been sWORN , and of–course the shield and armor is re-ENFORCED yes This is a metephor for the mental poor who never heard of EX-O-TIC B A R S like this B-4 like an army SET—FOR WAR//
My paths been CLOACKED//
no evil can BE perFORMED//
Light Peacefully Restored/

Ancient sheiks cover my sheets when i SLEEP in cashmere WOOL//
where the 4 virgins Chant holy Quotes //
raised inbtween the holy mountains and holy MOSque where blood was spilled ON these plants but only the pain was sHOWN //

2017 now all u hear and see on T.V is how great they raise they're corn 🌽😒 💪//

Ignoring all the pain the same people you possible share a tree branch from paid in blood just so you cam live safe have fun school.and work.....

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