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January Update

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Printed Date: 26 September 2018 at 8:43am

Topic: January Update
Posted By: The Law
Subject: January Update
Date Posted: 08 January 2017 at 4:07pm
January Update

On to the month that starts off this new year. Last year we really began to see a rise in the sites activity and were able to start many successful activities. Let's keep this up and have an ever better year this year. 

Staff update

Arthur has stepped down from his Senior Mod spot and has became a veteran. With that being said, Endeavor has moved up to Senior Mod in his place. Crimson has also got a bump up from the street team to being a moderator.

OM King / Word Drop update

Congratulations to Self Activate for winning the OM King for November and December. The OM King for January and February has already kicked off and Endeavour gave everyone a nice challenge this time around. We already had one legendary verse dropped that has some shaking in their knickers. 

As for the Word-Drop I believe it is still underway if I am not mistaken, correct me if I am wrong and you are picking a winner already Sammy." rel="nofollow - November & December Winner" rel="nofollow - January & February OM King Challenge" rel="nofollow - Word Drop #7

Other OM Games

Cuba has started two other OM games that you can participate in. 

Chain Reaction II: A revised version of the first one. This where you can get or can issue challenges to other writers in the Open Mic section." rel="nofollow - Chain Reaction II

The ILLiad: Collabo Series: A series of collective OM/stories that intertwine into a network OMs. The rules for this are in the link below." rel="nofollow - The ILLiad: Collabo Series

Blood of the Belt

Congratulations to Spume Corrupt for taking out Kiki and becoming the new Text champion of LA. If you want to go back and read the battle the link is below." rel="nofollow - Blood of the Belt: Kiki Spirez vs Spume Corrupt

1-2 Punch Playoffs

The 1-2 Punch Playoffs is now underway and Rutter has presented us with a nice playoff/matchup mag. Sunday night is the deadline, which should be tonight for everyone by now. So get your fuckin' verses in because I only see one dropped." rel="nofollow - 1-2 Punch Playoff Mag

Battle Royale

The 3rd official Battle Royale has kicked off and has a nice lineup. Link Below." rel="nofollow - Battle Royale #3

Identity Crisis II

Identity Crisis is coming back. Signs ups and rules will be posted at some time in the middle of the Battle Royale and will start to commence after its completion." rel="nofollow - Identity Crisis I

Topical Twist

The Topical Twist is still underway and has been a great success. If you wish to compete the sign up sheet is always open. There is also two great battles that still need votes." rel="nofollow - Topical Twist Sign Ups" rel="nofollow - Topical Twist Table

Yearly Awards

The nominations are in and the awards for the year of 2016 have been chosen. If have not seen the award winners yet or wish to go back and read it the link is below." rel="nofollow - LA Awards: 2016 Edition


We have also had 3 Open Mics and 1 Topical Battle inducted into our classics section." rel="nofollow - Classics Induction

Spotlight Section

The Spotlight is a 'one stop shop' for all the hot topics in LA. It showcases all the biggest battles, hottest open mics, as well best discussions going on in LA." rel="nofollow - Spotlight Section

Moderators Skype Names

The Law - thelaw-la

Cuba - cuba-la

Arthur - live:keeir

Endeavor - captainendeez

Nigma - ts_piiz

Neek - la_neek

Scotty32 - scotty_32

So if you have a skype and need to contact one of us. Feel free to add us.

Looking forward to see increased activity going forward. 

Go my Minions!

Posted By: Rutter knows best
Date Posted: 08 January 2017 at 4:49pm
Good shit law

And like he said drop your bars it ain't hard to write one.


Posted By: spume corrupt
Date Posted: 08 January 2017 at 5:09pm
That's was a dope read Law, appreciate the work
Thanks for the congrats
Good to see you back

PS... Apologise for being a big head lately, I have my reasoning
But in truth I am humble and only wish to use this temporary position to the benefit of LA


Posted By: Lord Puente
Date Posted: 08 January 2017 at 5:09pm
Nice job law! Looks like we got a lot of things underway. Site has been continued to pick up and seems we will be full steam ahead.

If the KOTM has the same amaze balls turnout it did for the last one, I think we may want to consider going back to monthly drops for that event in particular.

Also, glad to see the audio side has been picking up tremendously! If this continues on this route... who knows... we may start doing some audio challenges as well.

Hope to see all the participation continue to rise and help this site grow to its full potential. I mean, it's dope as is, but it can become rediculous.


Posted By: Exoduzt
Date Posted: 08 January 2017 at 5:14pm
good shit Law!


Posted By: The Law
Date Posted: 08 January 2017 at 5:15pm

and a late gif't from frosty

Go my Minions!

Posted By: Sammy
Date Posted: 08 January 2017 at 7:46pm
excellent write up, and yes i will be picking and announcing WD winner shortly


Posted By: Cuba
Date Posted: 08 January 2017 at 8:39pm
Yup, the current Word Drop is open until end of January 


Posted By: Crimson Juice
Date Posted: 09 January 2017 at 7:16am
Good work here Law,thanks for taking the time out for this update..peace.

"There is no meaning to life,just a nature of life"

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