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IC2 Magazine: Final Edition

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Printed Date: 25 September 2018 at 9:01am

Topic: IC2 Magazine: Final Edition
Posted By: Sammy
Subject: IC2 Magazine: Final Edition
Date Posted: 27 June 2017 at 4:09am

Wheewww!! One of the illest topical tourney ever has come to a concusion! I apologize for snoozing on the mag but life’s been kicking my ass. Between summer classes and this new job, shit got a bit hectic. But props to CUba, Nigma and Law for contributing a huge amount of time and effort to bring this final mag to fruition. 
Before i begin, a huge RIP to Prodigy of Mobb Deep. In the early 90’s Hip Hop was dominated by west g funk gangster rap. Then mid-90’s happened. Wu-Tang, Biggie and Nas brought lyrical legacy back to New York. WU and their creativity. Nas with his grim poetry and Big with his swag and staccato. But the most violent sound of defiance comes from the Infamous Mobb Deep. That album was the official soundtrack to 90’s eastcoast hoodie and timb boots era. Prodigy was a huge reason for that. His violent narrative worked wonders with Hav’s eery, bassline driven beats. If anyone is familiar with my style of rapping, you’ll know i’ a huge Mobb Deep fan. Rest in Peace to the HNIC. -- Sammy


Posted By: Sammy
Date Posted: 27 June 2017 at 4:11am

A Word from Cuba

What to say about Identity Crisis II? A bold move to extend the signups to 32 members paid off in dazzling fashion as the tournament got off to a flier. Although it was tough work behind the scenes, getting 16 battles completed was a stunning achievement. 71 votes to close the round out, with newcomer Agmin voting a remarkable 10 times to put many other members to shame. The quality of the voting throughout the event was extremely high, often times people dropping very detailed feedback for contestants – I really can’t call people out specifically for this as so many of you really took the time to do this, which is amazing.

Unfortunately this selflessness on the part of some didn’t inspire others and in latter rounds the voting pace slowed – perhaps not helped by the decision to extend voting to ‘best of 7’. Though this decision also helped result in some stunning turnarounds in later rounds, with several people overturning deficits that would’ve seen them eliminated under the ‘best of 5 votes’ rule. Horses for courses.

Even more disappointingly, there were several people who stopped voting and taking an interest in the tournament once they’d hit the exit. While I can understand this on a personal level, from an administrative point of view this is deeply disappointing. Particularly in this format, the admin put in a lot of effort and we need everyone to chip in and do their part to help things moving along. The top 4 voters contributed 40% of the votes in the entire tournament.

On a brighter note, the format continued to offer many surprises. Although I’m not aware of all the entries from every round (when I knew the participants I didn’t vote), I do know who the finalists were and perhaps they aren’t the two you may have expected from the outset. Though this may have been down to the no shows in the semis. No shows are always painful and not something we want to see as admin, but underlines the importance of keeping the voting flowing throughout so people aren’t dragged into other events which limit their ability to drop. C’est la vie.

What I really loved about this tourney was the quality of the verses throughout. Law really brought it with the topics and you guys didn’t disappoint. Interestingly, in the poll for ‘verses of the tournament’ there were 2 verses that came from a losing candidate. The draw threw up some amazing matchups and I hope you guys take time to re-read verses of those who entered now you know who they are, it may help to open your eyes to some of the hidden talent on the board. Congratulations to both of our finalists & to our winner, richly deserved.

Looking forward, the tournament demonstrates the depth and breadth of talent we have on LA and we’re lucky to have many of the wonderful writers we have here. I encourage you all to continue with the momentum IC2 has provided and get involved in the many Open Mic challenges we have to offer. Self Activate has an Open Mic King topic awaiting your drops, so let’s get on it and continue to go from strength to strength. --Cuba


Posted By: Sammy
Date Posted: 27 June 2017 at 4:24am

The Revelation

By Law and Sammy

Round 1

1. Lord Puente vs 32. Nigma

Winner: Nigma


2. Axyrocker vs 31. Rhetorical

Winner: Rhetorical


3. Sammy vs 30 Brotha Goose

Winner: Sammy


4. Que vs 29. Jay Hom

Winner: Jay Hom


5. Cuba vs 28. Stalin

Winner: Stalin


6. Amgin vs 27. Chain

Winner: Amgin


7. Rutter vs 26. Ridley

Winner: Ridley


8. Titu vs 25. Neek

Winner: Neek


9. Kiki Spirez vs 24. Concrete

Winner: Kiki


10. Slip vs 23. iLL

Winner: iLL


11. Exoduzt vs 22. Crimson

Winner: Exoduzt


12. DayDizzle vs 21. Self Activate

Winner: Self


13. Endeavor vs 20. Rap Daemon

Winner: Endeavor


14. Spume vs 19. DressToKill

Winner: Spume


15. Ashley vs 18. The Inventor

Winner: Ashey


16. Scotty vs 17. Beans

Winner: Scotty

Round 2:

1. kiki vs 16. Ridley

Winner: Ridley

2. rhet vs 15. Amgin

Winner: rhet


3. Neek vs 14. Scotty

Winner: Neek


4. jay hom vs 13. Spume vs 17. Jehu

Winner: Jehu


5. Self vs 12. Nigma

Winner: Self


6. End vs 11. Sammy

Winner: End


7. iLL vs 10. Stalin

Winner: iLL

8. Exoduzt vs 9. Ash

Winner: Exo

Round 3

1. Exoduzt vs 8. iLL

Winner: iLL


2. King Jehu vs 7. Endeavor

Winner: Endeavor


3. Rhetorical vs 6. Ridley

Winner: Ridley


4. Self Activate vs Neek

Winner: Self


1. iLL Scriptures vs 4. Self

Winner: iLL


2. Endeavor vs 3. Ridley

Winner: Ridley


Posted By: Sammy
Date Posted: 27 June 2017 at 4:26am



1. ill Scripturez vs 2. Ridley Squat


IC2 Finale Breakdown

By Nigma


We're going voter through voter to find out how the winner was selected.


A tournament, and to a greater extent, a site, is only as good as it’s voters. First to step in.. The one, the only, the man of many names:

The beast writer of Street Fighter

That something some sweet from Injustice League

The morbid wombat of Mortal Kombat

The lethal weapon emcee of Tekken

And most importantly, the Peoples Champ,


A black possum crossed his passed before casting this vote because he was as terrifying as an abusive father in this vote spewing such condensation as “well… if this isnt a cluster fuck of epic proportions. both dropped the ball in the closing moments”. In any case, Neek, the world’s most conservative Vegan falls off the bandwagon while placing his vote. At first he was leaning towards Battle 2, saying“his (or her you sexist pig) ending wasnt cheesy or cornball it was straight up tofu” but later was persuaded back on board with animal slaughter complementing Battler 1 for his juicy thighs. Before leaving for a steak at Denny’s he commended Battler 1 for “his substance ha[ving] some meat to the build” which was enough to earn him a vote. ”Nigma sucks” he said in closing.

1-0 for Battler 1!

Next to step to the plate is LA’s own Annunaki bred alien wit the pen, Nomedic. WTF did he have to say? Let’s find out.

Nomed felt Battler 1 had a well rounded verse saying “your plot had basically every ingredient needed to keep me glued” . He specifically voiced his enjoyment of depth of thought in the throwback recollection and the impact the twist had. The only flaw that stood out to him was having to read it at a certain speed to catch the flow at times.

For Battler 2, the flow was the first thing to stick out positively. “It was superb not a tiny fault with it what so ever”, he said. He also commended the smooth progression of the plot. He voiced no critiques for the verse which served to show his positive views of the piece.

All in all, the advantage in plot twist and imagery leaned towards Battler 1 however Battler 2 excelled in more areas and secured the win in his eyes.

1-1 for Tie!  Lyke omgz

Next contestant, AMGIN, COME ON DOOOOWNNNN. This motherfucker came in and dropped an amazing vote on this battle, especially because he only learned what a topical battle was under a year ago. MY RESPECT. If this wasn’t an Excellent Vote I will personally kick someone in the shin to voice my disapproval.

Amgin was quite fond of Battler 1. He accredited the Battler 1 for utilising a very consistent flow throughout the verse, commended him for his slight and effective use of annotations throughout, clean schemes and transitions, and for a verse so solid that he couldn’t find a fault. “I'm trying to find some negatives for arguments sake/devils advocate, but I can't.”, he said in closing.

As for Battler 2, Amgin enjoyed the conceptual approach. He was a fan of the mechanics, specifically the natural wording and ease of transition behind this verse, but also voiced a slight concern by saying “Flow was smooth and carried well line to line although being nitpicky a reader may desire more variety and bar density”. He quoted several sections he enjoyed but went on to say some word repetitions stood out to him. In essence, it seemed only a few technical flaws took away from an otherwise exceptional performance.

In the end, the polish and consistency of Battler 1 managed to capture his vote.

2-1 for Battler 1!!

Next on the list is no new name to you voter enthusiasts worldwide. When this guy retires from voting they’ll probably change the monthly title name to the Crimson Juice Award for PETE’S SAKE

CJ had similar sentiments to his predecessors in giving props to the Battler 1 on his storytelling prowess. He enjoyed what he refers to as a ”poetic vibe” and ”vivid imagery” to the point where he ”could envisage the scene,the chase

and the feeling of being at a cross road”.

CJ had the wise eye of spotting the excellent use of assonance displayed throughout Battler 2’s verse. Among the standout points, CJ made mentions approval for Battler 2’s conceptional direction and subtle, yet creative and effective alterations of language by saying he “ liked the way you made this a competitive event,and we all know that competition brings innovation,like the making of a Boo (bow) and crossboo”

Headaches ensued as Crimson began trying to pick a winner. He even mentioned that if it were allowed, he “would call draw here”. After much deliberation he decided that Battler 2 brought more to the table and earned his vote. ” very entertaining final indeed..” he said in closing.

2-2 Sweet Alaskan asparagus tips, ITS TIED AGAIN.

THINGS ARE HEATING UP! I’m about 150 lbs and direct sunlight away from back sweat. Without further adieu (I think I nailed the spelling…) (oops sorry that was further adieu… So is this…) Anyways, next up is Slip!!

After reading Battler 1’s verse, Slip admitted to enjoying the buildup before the plot details were clear. He enjoyed the balance of detail, mechanics, and plot progression saying ”you told a great story kept it very descriptive and at the same time still had a good flow”. He also mentioned he was a fan of the characters, however the ending didn’t sit well with him. He didn’t go into detail but one could assume he sided with Neek on the cheesiness front.

As for Battler 2, he was quick to point out the difference in the approach. Split compliments the creativity, humour, and flow utilised in this drop. Although he felt the ending was much more original in Battler 2’s work, he conceded that he was equally as let down by it, saying that the rest of the verse deserved more fireworks in the conclusion.

After several reads and some deep thinking, Slip also commented on the difficult making this decision. In the end, depth and conceptual angle had him lean towards Battler 1 which is what ended up securing his vote.

3-2 for Battler 1!!!

Unlike Amgin, the next voter IS a stranger to the eyes of all our voter fanatics in the audience. And we all know IS is half of ISIS...  He has made the Top Voters list in a past, but it’s comparable to a blood moon since it’s beautiful to see, but extremely rare. In this case the rarity is the result of being a lazy, self righteous asshole. Next up is none other than.. ME!

Nigma (yes I’m starting this off talking in the 3rd person. Don’t worry, I’ll change it abruptly) expressed his fondness of the flow in Battler 1’s verse but I also pointed out a section that could have been polished a bit better. I announced initial reservations for the plot direction after speaking of how I enjoyed the mystique in the introductory section. I said how the plot story grew on my due the top notch writing and that I felt the twists were brought in flawlessly.

The thesis of my interpretation of Battler 2’s verse is demonstrated when I said ”You came correct with the mechanics and progressed a believable and well presented chain of events” . I thought the subtle incorporations of the altered wording were very effective. My thoughts on the ending echoed some of the previous voters, feeling that given the few plausible ways end it, only one was plausible which was still executed well, just dampened the effect of the twist.

Thinking back to the read of both verses, I found a deeper connection and a more thorough enjoyment in one over the other which is why I gave my vote (and unknowingly to me until now, the win) to Battler 1. ”By the way my pizza took an hour and fucking 45 minutes. Sodium levels at alltime high”, I said in closing.




The winner of IC2 is

Battler 1 Aka iLL Scripturez!!!!


Posted By: Sammy
Date Posted: 27 June 2017 at 4:30am

Thank You!

Congrats to my brother, iLL on winning the whole thing. And a big "Thank You" to all for contributing and helping out with, perhaps LA most successful topical tournament! Everyone here brought the muhfuckin ruckus...Rza would be proud of yall, ha. IF you still got that topical finger itching, KOTM and Topical Twist will be making a return. KOTAM is also open to all who wants to dip into the audio side of things. Until next time LA….deuces!


One Last salute to Prodigy


Posted By: Nigma
Date Posted: 27 June 2017 at 4:34am
Congrats to Scripts!!! You have my respect sir.

And huge props to Sammy for putting this behemoth together as promised! 


Posted By: Amgin
Date Posted: 27 June 2017 at 4:37am
Dude!!! iLL that was fucking illllllllllll holy fuck man I still can't get over that. That ending and everything, are you a wizard?


Posted By: Sammy
Date Posted: 27 June 2017 at 4:38am
so endeavor beat me, huh? You know this means war, endy.....

endy the type to.... *ayo neek get'em!*


Posted By: Neek
Date Posted: 27 June 2017 at 4:45am
Originally posted by Sammy Sammy wrote:

endy the type to.... *ayo neek get'em!*

noshow the semi's...


Posted By: Nigma
Date Posted: 27 June 2017 at 4:55am
Originally posted by Neek Neek wrote:

Originally posted by Sammy Sammy wrote:

endy the type to.... *ayo neek get'em!*

noshow the semi's...

Live footage of Eneez reaction


Posted By: Sammy
Date Posted: 27 June 2017 at 5:00am
Originally posted by Neek Neek wrote:

Originally posted by Sammy Sammy wrote:

endy the type to.... *ayo neek get'em!*

noshow the semi's...



Posted By: Neek
Date Posted: 27 June 2017 at 8:54am
also, technically since self beat nigma..shouldnt he face ill at bloodlines?!?!?!


Posted By: Crimson Juice
Date Posted: 27 June 2017 at 9:11am
So many props and thanks to be said,that it feel like i've won the tournament..

To iLL Scripturez congrats are in order,you're one consistent mofo,and a joy to read in
topicals,you really do deserve this title and to be honest i'm not surprised you've won,
your pen game is solid as well as entertaining and absorbing,you truly have a gift with
words nouns vowels and the etiquettes of writing,(i bet you'd struggle to write a plain
letter though),well done Champ..

Ridley you have been one impressive writer in this tourney,and I still say even way after
the tournament is but a distant memory,that your pieces/verses are innovative,you do
have a flair for creativity,plus you've surprised many many ppl with your conceptual
writing,the thing is your always viewed as a dark horse,but i feel that tag has been put
to rest now,well done indeed..

A seriously huge thanks to those who made this a truly solid tournament,LAW Cuba
Sammy Amgin to name but a few,plus to all who helped behind the scenes,thank you
is also owed to you,ppl this has been one solid effort,thanks LA you're all the Bees

And guys this is a solid mag right here,we'll put together and a highly enjoyable read,
thanks ppl for your time and effort here with this edition..

ps,Exoduzt i knew from round 1 it was you i was facing,your a creature of habit,every time you drop a verse,you end each bar with a hyphen -
lol..but to be honest your not the only one who have their little traits..peace.

"There is no meaning to life,just a nature of life"

Posted By: Rutter knows best
Date Posted: 27 June 2017 at 9:33am
Great write up, lots of surprises there. I knew it was either Ridley or Kiki I lost to.

Props to Ridley for getting to the finals and congrats to scripts for champing it.


Posted By: Endeavor
Date Posted: 27 June 2017 at 9:44am
Grats dudes, reason I no showed was cuz I hit a rough patch and couldn't bring myself to write at that particular time. Had a lot of fun though.

And bring it, Sammy....

Aye Neek! Get emmmm!!!!


Posted By: iLL ScriptureZ
Date Posted: 27 June 2017 at 9:58am
Ahh good stuff! Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate it. I also appreciate the time and effort it took to run this with 32 battlersz kudos to everyone!


Posted By: DressToKill
Date Posted: 27 June 2017 at 11:03am
Congrats Ill much respect broseph


Steroids Is not the only thing I take in the butt

Posted By: Concrete
Date Posted: 27 June 2017 at 12:25pm
Congrats Ill, and props to Ridley for making it to the final.

Posted By: Lord Puente
Date Posted: 27 June 2017 at 1:08pm
Nice write up, congrats to iLL, way to crush it.


Date Posted: 27 June 2017 at 2:13pm
I only no showed to be controversial. Lol.

Nah, on the real congrats to the iLL One for reigning supreme. It' was all well deserved victory.
Props to Rid for being a lowkey topical god. Although, I always knew you were a dope writer.
Shout out to Sammy, Cubes, and Nig for the mag and various contributions throughout. SC as well.
Major props goes out to Law for putting this whole thing together.
And again to Sam I am along with Crim and Amgin for their insane endurance when it came to voting and keeping things moving at a brisk pace.
And lastly Neek for writing what was probably my favorite verse of the tourney. Which ironically was against me. lol.


Posted By: Cuba
Date Posted: 27 June 2017 at 2:55pm
Didn't want to do the reveal in my piece but it's awesome to see the homie Ill Scripts win this...both in terms of it feeling like a bit of redemption from last time around but also because he's consistently putting in that work in the Open Mic section, driving a whole bunch of activity through his feedback and instigating collabs.

Really is a great example of someone putting in the graft to triumph against some real topical titans. When you see the talent pool & that it's Rids and Ill in the final is really awesome.

I'll be putting up a poll for verse of the tourney later this week. So there's a bit of glory still to be had!!


Posted By: iLL ScriptureZ
Date Posted: 27 June 2017 at 3:06pm
Appreciate the Congrats... Ridley you had a hell of a verse man. Well done..

Stalin... TBH i have no idea how I came back and won that round. You had a heavy ass topical man. Self.. we gotta make up battle family! 

Cubes... you hit the nail on the head with the redemption part.


Posted By: Beans
Date Posted: 27 June 2017 at 3:43pm
Props illy. Been on fire homie.

Props to Ridley aswelll

1-2 Season 1 Final Champ

Posted By: Trizzy Tre
Date Posted: 27 June 2017 at 4:34pm
Congratulations to iLL..

Nigma vs iLL ScriptureZ for the Topical Title at BL4.

-------------" rel="nofollow">

Posted By: Sammy
Date Posted: 28 June 2017 at 1:08am
word, shout to homei Ridley for making the finals. knew you was a sleeping giant but didnt expect you to go that far lol (no offense at all, i promise!) 


Posted By: Lord Puente
Date Posted: 28 June 2017 at 2:07am
Sammy the type to strategically wait and post as a bump because he wants more thank yous


Posted By: Nigma
Date Posted: 28 June 2017 at 2:10am
LP the type to get knocked out by a low tier member first round, but also the type to have 420 as a record. The force has balance


Posted By: Lord Puente
Date Posted: 28 June 2017 at 2:11am
why you think I switched to audio battles?


Posted By: Stalin
Date Posted: 28 June 2017 at 3:28am
Props to ill.. congrats on winning one of the most stacked tournaments on la.

Thanks for the props also, you earned this shit though. I can at least say I lost to the guy who won the whole thing lol.

I was surprised to see my first opponent was cuba, the guy is a beast in topical s. Respect.


Posted By: Sammy
Date Posted: 28 June 2017 at 3:54am
Originally posted by Lord Puente Lord Puente wrote:

Sammy the type to strategically wait and post as a bump because he wants more thank yous


LP the type to observe what i did and then whisper in earnest like  "real recognize real..."


Posted By: Cuba
Date Posted: 28 June 2017 at 7:58am
@Stalin...someone else dropped out and I filled the slot, dropped within something like 24/48hrs of Law throwing up the bat signal


Posted By: Ridley Squat
Date Posted: 28 June 2017 at 8:36am
Congrats ILL, great verse(s) and a well deserving win bro!
Good luck against the Niggler in BL-IV

Thanks everyone
Awesome work with with the votes and the mags
Special thanks to Crim for being the only one the bother jumping into the semi-final no-show threads ... much appreciated as always.

Can't help wondering though how different this could've been if everyone turned up to all the battles as planned...



Posted By: King Jehu
Date Posted: 28 June 2017 at 4:01pm
Congrats Ill.

Cuba and Stalin in the first round is crazy. Gonna have to go read that now. I still I can't believe I won in round 2 as battler 17 (sorry guys). I did the same as Cuba, dropping the same day I was asked to fill in because I was going to be busy after that. I didn't think I'd win, but I thought I'd win vs Endeavor and clearly lost, so what do I know?

Thanks to all who made this tournament possible. Lots of good writing here.

Insert something rappy here

Posted By: Crimson Juice
Date Posted: 28 June 2017 at 6:54pm
Why thank you Mr Squat,and I still feel you should post that verse up in the OM
section,its a nice piece...peace.

"There is no meaning to life,just a nature of life"

Posted By: alicewonder
Date Posted: 29 June 2017 at 7:33pm
Congrats Ill and Ridley as well!! I had a chance to skim through the verses and it was just impressive. 
Also apologies for eventually not being able to be part of this. It seems that it turned out amazing. 

Posted By: Exoduzt
Date Posted: 30 June 2017 at 2:22am
Sorry this is long over due Ill...Congrats to you my brother.  You earned this.  I'm so pissed I only lost by one fucking vote but I'm glad it was against you.  You are the fucking dude right now.  Also thanks for brining home another title to the best fucking crew on LA..Hands down.   Ill much respect to you and congrats.  I do want a re match tho lol


Posted By: Exoduzt
Date Posted: 30 June 2017 at 3:13am
OH shit...Sorry Sammy...big shout out to you for doing this whole thing.  It really is much appreciated.  Mad respect to you!


Posted By: Sammy
Date Posted: 30 June 2017 at 5:00am
sorry for dropping the mag before u had a chance to send me ur article bro! the whole time, while posting i felt like i was forgetting something. a couple days later after reading our crew chat, i realize what it was that i forgot. if you have already written something....feel free to post it here, ex. i'm sure cats would love to read it it (me included)


Posted By: Exoduzt
Date Posted: 30 June 2017 at 11:39am
 I didn't mean to say title I ment to say bad


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