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Joffy428 vs mitch.wagwaan

Printed From: Lyrical Assault
Category: Battle Ground
Forum Name: Battlefield
Forum Description: Forum for all types of active battles.
Printed Date: 05 July 2020 at 8:54pm

Topic: Joffy428 vs mitch.wagwaan
Posted By: joffy428
Subject: Joffy428 vs mitch.wagwaan
Date Posted: 04 May 2020 at 10:22pm
hey Mitch ur name sounds like a bitch...
and I bet u are a bitch with a girl friend that’s a butch....
Are you a potatoe couch?after this apedimic your gonna be a mashed potatoe now..... with hairy shitty explosive diarrhea eruption covid nineteen sauce on top...
if we ever met I’d be be ur boss...just because I’d boss u around like a lost dog after...u suffer a loss..painful the pain is like ur daughter... was kidnapped by a kidnapper.... and ur pockets bleeding from the ransom money u borrowed from money debt ull be Hungary as fu1ck ill feed u garbages so u can have money no honey then Mitch.wigwaan will be the very first zombie of wuhaaaan China. And I can be like doctor Gero a mad scientist creating a villain   so I ask....
did u start this corona? do u drink the corona? then u stink like corona hope u throw up in ur corner just tap out mitch your journey is over bitch like sixxtynine snitch.

Posted By: Mitch.Wagwaan
Date Posted: 05 May 2020 at 1:05pm
I'll shower down the fire and let hell devour.
Joffy'll cower, structures weak like Grenfell Tower.

When people say "Your Siccc" They mean your verbal diarrea,
You "Don't accept your losses" like North Korea's Leader.

I'll Slice Ya brain in half and eat a pink slice.
Next time you wanna battle me ya better "THINK TWICE"

Four bars in and I'm ready to sack this shit off,
I'm hardened for a battle but this dicks a bit soft.

* Grenfell Tower is a sad time where the building burned down because it was Structurly sound. Had highly flammable cladding.

* THINK TWICE is OM by Joffy.

Posted By: Crimson Juice
Date Posted: 05 May 2020 at 5:20pm

Now i know you've been here at LA for awhile now (on and off), and i've
voted in quite a few of your battles (if my memory serves me right two
with Axy alone), and i've yet to see you win one, with them votes i gave
you i also tried to give you pointers and direction to an extent, i just wish
you'd have took them on board, and i also know other members have
done the same thing too, because i want to see you up your game and
formulate real personals/punches, shit, even a spot of wordplay even,
pls pls pls when time permitting read what the elevation thread has in
store, i know for a fact it will help you craft a better verses and every-
thing else for that matter, your verse here just isn't cutting it man, it too
simplistic, it's spatial, adding cringe worthy thoughts is not attacking
your opposition, for me it gives the impression of a primary school yard
banter at break time, you know my dad is bigger than your dad vibe, now
with that typed i will give you credit, you do always drop a verse and your
also eager to battle and shrug off losses you accrue, your tenacious at
the very least, a good metaphor to sum you up is this, (you just keep com-
ing like a tsunami on a inward path of destruction by causing devistation to
only yourself) , still that alone is an admirable trait..


There not a lot for me to comment on here, not because your verse lacks
substance, but because you clearly have the win hands down, as described
in your 4th bar...(sorry man but there's no point in an explanation or a break-
down even due to this one sided avalanche effect witnessed here)

Vote... Mitch.

"You need to learn how to make an exit,
before you can dare make an entrance".

Posted By: joffy428
Date Posted: 06 May 2020 at 6:18am
Sorry guys I just suck at writing! I cant help it I guess

Posted By: Crimson Juice
Date Posted: 06 May 2020 at 2:31pm
Sorry to crash your thread guys..

Joffy you can help it by going to the elevation centre thread,it'll help give
you some real steps and tips to progress,i even pop in there from time to
time,never become to stubborn to learn..peace.

Carry on ppl.

"You need to learn how to make an exit,
before you can dare make an entrance".

Posted By: Stalin
Date Posted: 12 May 2020 at 3:15am
As crimson pointed out there is a clear winner here. If i need to go more in depth, i can, but mitch gets the win for a more structured, fluid, better flowing verse. I do see alot of room for improvement in mitch also. But he did enough to win this one.

And to both of you, if either of you would like advice or for me to work with you on how to improve, im willing to help. Get at me either pm or discord if you have it.


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