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To Divide and Conquer

Printed From: Lyrical Assault
Category: Emcee Lounge
Forum Name: Open Mic
Forum Description: This isnt a Battle Board, this is for your Freestyle Verses to be Rated by other members.
Printed Date: 15 August 2022 at 4:52pm

Topic: To Divide and Conquer
Posted By: Real Hip Hop
Subject: To Divide and Conquer
Date Posted: 10 August 2021 at 11:10pm

Where massive cars are racing and there's mass incarceration
For 30 pieces of silver they'll amass the coffin placements
Systemic Racism DOES exist, i can't look past the path I'm facing
No race or class embracing and they're asking why I'm pacing?
'To try' and 'to fail':  -  these two things are great
'Succeed' and 'this rap game', influ-ence constraints
True success is contentment, who can relate?
The views as of late are not the truest debates

While you follow Drake and Migos for likes
I study the intentions of Picot and Sykes
They seize-hold, the rights and veto advice
Lets reload the dice to get a hero like Christ
While you're on Twitter looking to create famous conditions
I debate how electricity was formed by Ancient Egyptians
You're hoping for 'Likes' that happen to be a blessing
While i'm looking for 'Reichs' like Ramses the second

Lets be holding-the-wisdom, so you don't miss when you ask
They say that - 'Colonialism...   is a thing of the past'
When i speak i'm ostracized because i preach, not prophecise
That's because history always repeats in a monsters eyes
I put my neck on the line, we don't have the same risk
I'm 'The Truth' that gives food for thought on some 'Tray' shit
My bars create twists, fuck being offended you can quit it
Fuck being a defendant, we acquitted - so admit it
Too much hyperbole, what you're reading is fake
Fuck talking, no need for all the heated debates
I just Rap; everything else i'll leave at your wake
They put stock in beef and are eating a 'stake'

"I just tackle the subject, the flack of the public/
Nothing!I know real N***** just happen to love it"

Posted By: Vellum
Date Posted: 18 September 2021 at 3:19pm
I don’t know if you audio but I got a beat that would be perfect for that. You killed it

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