LA Magazine: 2020 QuickMag - PandEpic Edition

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    Posted: 07 November 2020 at 5:24pm
In 2020 people going out like:

These are truly dark times. 
Epidemic crisis, political conflicts, police killings, civil unrest, election drama, etc.
Winter is indeed coming unless the climate is too fucked up that is).
What's even worse: LA died. The vets moved on (as if they had something more 
important things to do in life) and the beloved host of the site is presumed to be a goner.

However, not all hope is lost, there is a beacon of light shining through the gloom in form of a mag written by yours truly.

Tourney time.

A rather good samaritan know as 'Rapper T' has bestowed upon us undeserving hoodlums 
a new chance at making a difference in the world.
And the rather good samartian took upon himself to carry the burden of our lazy ass sins
and kicked off a something not seen in ages: an actual tourney! 
Lo and behold 16 individuals who definetely doesn't have any form of leasure problems 
heeded the call - and thus the tourney is an actual thing
So let's salute and rejoice! 

Alright, so let's have a little look at the matchups given then:

Beans -vs- Concrete

Last time we clashed was in a title match that I emerged victorious from. 
That's ancient history now, however Beans may still want vengeance.
Recent psychological studies has showed that losing a text battle may result
in severe trauma and depression, not saying that applies to Beans, but one 
can never know in these times.
Anyways, Beans is no stranger to the game with numerous battles to his 
name, he's also active at 12 other sites to further develop his skills.
As for myself, I haven't battled in a while, but I desperately need that sweet
prize money so I can finally afford to buy some decent xmas presents this year. 
So I wont neither sleep or slack on Mr Beans.

Cuba -vs- Stalin

Clash of the golden era veterans.
Cuba is actually the king of LA, that what he declares himself as at least - either by insanity
or his credentials.
Stalin the O.G. member of this site, even more O.G. than Scotty some would say.
Both contenders leaves a proud legacy on the site as esteemed and respected members 
that can swiftly deliver lethal bars when the situation demands it.
This will be an exciting bout.
Given that King Cuba actually signed in and not posted in the sign ups
to get validation for his majestic presence. 

Blissfull Barrage -vs- Spume Currupt

We haven't seen much from BB in a while, but if my ol' memory serves me correct 
he knows his way around a punch or three. A member of Vis Maior, a crew that came 
on par with Tha Syndicate in a classic crew-brawl, that's says something.
Meanwhile Spume does not appear to be a timid character that's afraid of stomping 
on peoples feelings. 
Perhaps it's the slang he uses but he can surely deliver grimey and fun verses.
Looking forward to this match. Good luck gents.

Ill Scripturez -vs- Chain

Another heavy-class matchup. 
Ill is a versatile writer who's no stranger to danger if you peep some of his old OM disses 
where he dismantles his foes with no mercy cobra kai style. 
With his refined flow and style he's a contender in this for sure. 
Chain is more known for steadlily dropping gems in the OM section and being 
politically engaged\sensitive. 
However his dispute with Neek proved he can craft effective battle lines on a whim, 
so this is an open match, no doubt this will be interesting. 

Good luck!

Levy420 -vs- DJflame2

One of the O.G. SYNs, Levy hasnt been active in a while but I believe he's still quite
capable to deliver bars that can snuff out any flame. Cos he's just that cool!
DJ Flame was just a little innocent child when I joined here back in the year 2013,
yet proved he was not afraid to duke it out with anybody stepping to him.
He's in his early youth now and most likely not that pure anymore. 
No doubt hes gonna assert his will as a young man. 
Good luck and make it a good one.

Brotha Goose -vs- Absolute Abomination

BG been MIA for years, however here's another all-around contender with battles,
topicals and audios on his record.
He even had the audacity to diss me in a thread recently so his confidence is absolutely 
still in place. I predict he will have some funny lines up his sleeve for this event.
AA is a character that simply shows up once in a while to participate and drop 
some lines, very much like myself. 
He got experience in both battles and OMs so it's no newbie here. 
Good luck to both!

D-Nos -vs- Crimson Juice

D-Nos is.... erm...D-Nos I guess. 
I sincerly apologize but I'm not familiar with your work or activity on the site.
This is a golden oppurtunity to make a name for yourself here, so good luck.
CJ, the legendary voter has shown he can greatly improve his bars when 
given proper feedback.
Not sure where he at skillwise currently but at any rate let's remember to give him 
some feed BACK.
Bring it on fellas.

Rapper T -vs- Ashley Kaos

The good samaritan himself will actually reduce himself to a mere mortal just to 
prove he can also be not so good, cos that's what gallant heroes do when the world, 
or a battle site, needs a saviour.
He's shown us that he got text game so be aware Ashely.
Ashley Kaos aka The Syndicate Femme Fatale probably won't show any mercy here.
I've not seen her battle in years but her latest OMs proved she can write some noteworthy pieces. 
I endorse both of these fine contenders for helping keeping LA alive.

That's that I guess, let's make the tourney a grate one, or show up at least.

RIP Scotty?

Rumors on the streets claimed that the always cheerful site creator had died under diffuse circumstances. There was a post recently from Scottys account, celebrating the longevity of LA.
Further speculations said that this was just an impostor or that he actually managed to upload his entire consciousness into the site, either way he will always be with us in some form.
Salute to the man.

That's it, a quick mag is better than nothing right?
I'm out of here, gonna leave you with classic diss track that might get you hyped for some battling:





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Post Options Post Options   Likes (0) Likes(0)   Quote Crimson Juice Quote  Post ReplyReply Direct Link To This Post Posted: 08 November 2020 at 12:56pm
Yeah that's a fair assessment for the up and coming battles, thanks for your time
and effort here Mr Concrete, an enjoyable read,and damn Tim Dog,i liked this track,
i also liked he's track Fuck Compton too...peace.
"You need to learn how to make an exit,
before you can dare make an entrance".
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I love this !! Lol but dont forget it all started in my call to all the OGs to come back home to LA lol
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I love the respect lol. But im just a member of the site. And you know i got love for you ash!
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awesome read, Con! very concise with plenty of content to entertain. great fuckin job bro

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