Text Champ History

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  Title Holder Description Date
Text Champ Rutter knows best Won BL4 Text Title Match against Spume Corrupt 23 July 2017
Text Champ spume corrupt Beat Kiki Spirez in Blood of the Belt match after Concrete gave up the belt 29 December 2016
Text Champ Concrete Beat Ridley Squat in title battle 01 February 2016
Text Champ Point Blank Beat Arthur at Bloodlines 2 13 September 2014
17 January 2015
Text Champ Arthur Beat DressToKill in the Clash for Cash tournament where the title was up for grabs 20 February 2014
13 September 2014
Text Champ mcwoods Beat DTK at the 10th Anniversary LA X Event. 09 November 2013
20 February 2014
Text Champ DressToKill Beat Cuba in a title match in the Bloodlines event. 14 July 2013
09 November 2014
Text Champ Cuba Took the title after battling mcwoods in a title match and winning. 02 March 2009
14 July 2013
Text Champ mcwoods Beat DressToKill in The 10th Plague finals in which the title was up for grabs. 12 November 2008
02 March 2009
Text Champ 2smooth Won Textual Torture in which I-kontinue entered and was knocked out of. 11 October 2007
12 November 2008
Text Champ I-kontinue Won The 187 in which the title was up for grabs. 14 June 2006
11 October 2007
Text Champ -Orion- Beat Illa in a title match. 24 October 2005
14 June 2006
Text Champ ILLSTARRR Beat -Orion- in a title match. 19 April 2005
24 October 2005
Text Champ -Orion- Won No Mercy in which Stalin entered and was knocked out. 01 April 2005
19 April 2005
Text Champ Stalin Beat -Orion- in a title match after winning Lyrical Warfare. 02 December 2004
01 April 2005
Text Champ -Orion- Beat King Jehu in a title match after winning Raw Tactics. 19 October 2004
02 December 2004
Text Champ King Jehu Won the first Text tournament Last Man Standing. 17 June 2004
19 October 2004