Reigning Open Mic King

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Month Winners Desciption
Reigning Open Mic King for 2017
February 2017 "The Exorcist pt.1 [KOTM]" By CHAIN Won the Jan/Feb OM King
Reigning Open Mic King for 2016
January 2016 "[OM King] Bermuda Triangle [CHAIN]" By CHAIN Won the inaugural OM King
February 2016 "[OM King] The Story of Moses" By Venomonology Won the second OM King
March 2016 "[OM King] Reflection of the roots" By The Law Won the Mar16 OM King
April 2016 "[KOTOM] Merchant of War" By Nigma Won the Apr16 OM King
May 2016 "[KOTM May] A Love Story" By Ridley Squat Won the May16 OM KIng
June 2016 "[KOTOM] March Of The Mods" By Ridley Squat Won the Jun16 OM King
July 2016 "[KOTM] #Modsquad" By The Law Won the Jul16 OM King
August 2016 "[KOTOM Aug] Scotty Therapy Session Vol. 1" By Concrete Won the Aug16 OM King
October 2016 "Cambridge [KOTM]" By Sammy Won the Sep/Oct OM King
December 2016 "Infinite -- [KOTM]" By SELF ACTIVATE Won the Nov/Dec OM King